Nypro Healthcare

Case study- Nypro individual cleanroom gowning

We were contacted to provide a storage solution for bags, for each individual’s personnel cleanroom gowning.

This was quite a challenging but an achievable project. There were many parameters to achieve in this design. The space in PAL airlock was limited and the number of storage bags required was a minimum target of 80. The storage system needed to be easy accessible for cleaning purposes. We collaborated closely with the site personnel and engineers involved to design a bespoke unit that would be effective and cost efficient.

The initial design was generated by personnel in YEL. It consisted of:

  • Meeting and discussing with stakeholders,
  • Submitting a 3D drawing from solidworks design software,
  • Submitting quote and project timeframe.

When all these items were agreed. YEL commenced the manufacturing process in its non-ferrous production facility.

The process involved:

  • Drawing sent down to production,
  • Cutting, punching and bending of sheets,
  • Fabrication and welding,
  • Polishing and passivization of all welds to a 180 grit finish,
  • Submitting a pre-approved Method Statement and risk assessment to client for review prior to installation,
  • Installation of storage system,
  • Client approval of finished installed product.