Procap, contacted YEL in assisting them in installing a new Engel injection moulding machine and to de-commission three injection moulding machines.

This project was a challenging project due to the tight time frame that was requested by the customer. The works included in lifting an Engel injection moulding machine from a flatbed truck and installing it on the factory floor using air skates.

The customer required the de-commission three existing machines and dispose of them in a safe manner. YEL disconnected all services and drained the machines of oil prior to moving. These machines were then moved using air skates and then lifted on to a truck with a crane.

YEL offered the following services for these works:

  • Heavy lifting with a crane
  • Mechanical disconnections
  • Removal of waste oil and disposed off
  • Installation/removal of machines with air skates
  • Alignment and levelling to high tolerance
  • Destruction of three de-commissioned injection moulding machine
  • Certificate of Destruction for three de-commissioned injection moulding machines.

YEL were pleased to work with Procap and are looking forward to working with them in future projects.