Electro-polishing and passivation

Electro polishing is a process combining electric current and chemicals to remove surface material. It is the most effective method of removing burr, folds, inclusion and other abnormalities. Peaks are removed quicker than valleys because of the concentration of current on the peaks.

We monitor the highest quality finish from all our suppliers. Our approved suppliers list is implemented through our ISO 9000:1.

YEL has manufactured multiple products for customers in the pharmaceutical industry which have specified electropolished surface finish.

After the stainless steel product has gone through the electropolishing process the following improvements are the achieved;

  • Improved performance,
  • Increased product life cycle,
  • Improved safety throughout the process,
  • Lower maintenance,
  • Improved operating efficiency,
  • Improved appearance,
  • Higher degree of design flexibility,
  • Greater precision,
  • Greater scope for design,
  • Improved value,