YEL management and personnel are passionate about engineering and design, this passion runs through all our stainless steel fabrication products from concept to design, to there manufacture and installation.

Providing high quality stainless steel solutions to a number of different industries.

YEL fabricates components and parts for pharmaceutical, medical device, marine, injection moulding and healthcare industries. We take pride in our ability to complete projects to client specification and budget, with the ability to manufacture a diverse range of products with our specialist equipment and personnel expertise. YEL stainless steel fabrication facility,  is segregated from the mild steel production. Ensuring there is no cross contamination and the highest quality product can be provided to our customers.

YEL closely consulates with customers in selecting the correct material, fabrication methods and surface finish to meet their requirments. Whether it’s a solution vessel with a specific RA rating or a reject chute that requires an aesthetic finish all can be achieved within YEL manufacturing.