Plant and Machinery Relocation

Our machinery relocation team are highly skilled and trained in relocating plant and machinery. YEL have a proven track record for safety in the major industries.

With our highly trained personnel this ensures that all are plant and machine installations are delivered safely, on time and on budget.

YEL offers a complete package for your machinery relocation. We understand that there are critical values when moving machinery, such as safety, time, cost and many other underlining factors.

YEL offer the following services to its existing and ever expanding clientele.

  • Disconnect electrical and mechanical
  • Decommission existing machinery
  • Removal of access platforms, walkways and other infrastructure
  • Removal of floor fixings
  • Dismantling and documenting components for re-assembly where needed.
  • Completing heavy lift machinery
  • Packing machinery and associated parts securely in line with the appropriate transport methods.
  • Correctly loading and transporting safely all machinery national and internationally
  • Accurate re-assembly of machinery and equipment

We are the perfect choice for any project that involves moving heavy equipment, regardless of whether it’s an entire factory to be moved or a single machine that needs relocation.