Our specialist mechanical services personnel has many years’ experience, as well as particular skills in working with machinery and equipment.

Our installations team are highly skilled and trained. Always striving to meet excellence.

YEL services and installations are carried out by highly trained, qualified, skilled and experienced personnel. This experience along with our ISO standards for Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety has given our installation personnel the awareness of critical path items, a strong understanding on scheduling, and an awareness of critical factors in the service installation.

AT YEL, we carry out an extensive range of commercial installations. YEL has gained vast experience from carrying out different projects in various industries and we cater for the following installations;

  • Process services lines in mild steel, galvanised GB, stainless steel, polypropylene and PVC piping
  • Steam, high and medium pressure water lines
  • Commercial ducting
  • Extraction systems for industrial commercial catering