Plant de-commissioning

YEL provide complete plant decommissioning service. We project manage these very carefully to ensure that safety is a priority, delivered on time and on budget, whilst providing an outstanding service.

With experience in decommissioning we manage this service very carefully. Through ISO operating procedures this can be delivered safely, on time and on budget.

YEL can decommission, a single piece of equipment or decommission a full production facility. We carry out disposal of all equipment in safe, environmental efficient and controlled manner. Our Quality management system ensures that the decommissioning process is fully documented from risk assessment, method statement, cleaning, transportation disposal, to the final certificate of destruction.

Our mechanical team are fully experienced in decommissioning:

  • Heavy machinery e.g. Injection Moulding Machine,
  • Industrial plant e.g. Air Handler,
  • Factory equipment e.g. Blister Packers,
  • Ancillary production equipment e.g. Conveyors,
  • Services pipework e.g. LPHW, Compressed Air,

Like all our projects, we project manage this plant decommissioning service very carefully to ensure that it is delivered to the agreed timelines.

Our health and safety standards make sure our sites are controlled in a safe manner. All our staff are fully trained and fully compliant in all safety codes.